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I did it again… On Twitter, I posted:

First 3 people to respond with a fictional character and I’ll draw ‘em here and now. Go. (@OrfulComics has a temporary ban!)

Sorry Rob, but you’ve suggest things twice and I wanted to give other people a go. So the first person who responded was @ANASEED_MAN who requested Ultraman, then @lilistprince requested Quentin Quire and finally (and somewhat controversially) @Kardwell requested Halo Jones.

Now, In case you haven’t heard the news, Ian Gibson caused a lot of news yesterday by revealing a topless drawing of the loved 2000AD character who some say is a feminist icon. So I was hugely intimidated because of this and because I’ve not actually read the series! Halo struck me as an important character and I felt I needed to do her justice to anyone who searched for her tag.

Thus why this is called a Twitter Challenge! Thanks so much to everyone who posted suggestions (sorry I couldn’t do them all, but I was shattered afterwards!) If you’d like to see previous Twitter challenges, click on here and here.

These were harder work than you may thing (my God, the research!) and I did these doodles for free, so if you like any of these drawings, please retweet and I’d greatly appreciate it!